Business Model Re-engineering Advisory Services

Challenges in the tumultuous environment have forced businesses to accept continuous changes in their business model. Given that the business model consists of a number of dimensions that are specifically defined in every industry; the systematic approach to every change in your company’s business model is necessary. Companies are always curios if their actions are done in such a way that the new model is effective and efficient. This has to be confirmed by experts as it’s a specialized task. To help with this concern, expert advice is provided for customers. The advisory services are generally available in the following categories:

·         Research on quality of existing business model

·         Research on interactive layers with business model (strategic layer and operational layer)

·         Advisory for design and implementation of the new business model

·         Advisory for a smooth transition phase from the existing model to the new business model

·         Special advisory for banks on design and implementation of business models based on universal banking

New Business Models, Universal Banking and its Guidelines for the Banking Industry

Many business models currently designed and used by top banks of the world focus on segmenting customers based on expected value or needs. This approach is applied in the design process of many banking business models. Accordingly, banks focus on optimal groupings of clients who have the same needs and desires and offer the same value that they can offer at a specific point in their organization.

Corporate banking in the world is the result of the separation of large corporates from others. Of course, this condition is in fact the first variable to enter in the process of choosing customers. Subsequently, other variables such as the complexity of client’s financial needs, the level of customer satisfaction, and high revenue-generating potential for the bank are entering the process of identifying, selecting, and transferring customers to corporate banking divisions.

Apart from this, the maximum share of wallet that every bank is able to achieve through its relationship with a client, is targeted after quantitative and qualitative assessments are carried out in interaction with other groups of customers. Communication between business lines is something that should always be considered. While a large corporate client is receiving services in corporate banking, its senior executives may be clients to private banking. In addition, smaller subsidiaries may be potential customers to commercial banking or its employees might be a target market for retail banking.

Advisory on Corporate Banking and SME Banking Design and Implementation

Banks interested in changing their business models consistent with Universal Banking approach; have always paid particular attention to corporate banking and SME banking.

Their attraction to Corporate banking is due to the specific features of the corporate banking business line. Features such as tremendous impact on profitability, improved risk management and lower level of negative impact by new outbound service providers, such as FinTechs. Also, corporate banking brings increased planning accuracy and better performance management capabilities in the bank. It also provides strengthened relationships with important clients.

In addition, customer satisfaction with the corporate banking services of some banks has also led to the creation of similar service demands from other banks. Obviously, if this comparison is not quickly matched by banks with appropriate responses, it could have consequences such as reduced market share, reduced customer share, lower legitimate legal customers, and increased associated risks.

On the other hand, SME banking is attracting attention as in recent years it has shown unprecedented potential of growth.

Accordingly, is a bank is seeking to establish Corporate banking or SME banking; a team of expert advisers will be available in the whole process of design, implementation and development alongside the banks.